E-commerce Logistics Solutions

Work with the best logistics platform and provide your customers with a new-age e-commerce experience with timely order deliveries.

E-commerce Logistics Solutions

Over the years because of ever-growing internet penetration,rapid growth of financial inclusion and digital initiatives  the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh is on a growth trajectory. The ongoing expansion and robust outlook of this sector have a great impact over the entire e-commerce ecosystem. With years of experience and extensive research on e-commerce inefficiencies in Bangladesh, we understand that the digital logistics ecosystem plays the main role in the expansion of e-commerce business. E-commerce sector’s presence, success and growth mainly depend on the capability and efficiency of the nationwide digital logistics ecosystem. 

Here we have come up with a wide range of solutions that can be tailored to business’s particular needs to bolster your growth and quality branding partnering with us. We provide tech-enabled 100% app-based smart delivery support. We are aiming to streamline your business with a seamless and dedicated 2PL delivery assistance- picking goods/products from your place to dropping them to customers’ doorsteps. Down the road we are working to bring a strong network of 3PL logistics support which will bring the ultimate fulfillment for your e-commerce business with tech enabled warehousing, flexible first mile delivery, dedicated last mile delivery with API integration, smooth reverse logistics support with sophisticated barcode technology.


Easy Delivery Management App

Bongo Xpress- an unmatched mobile application for delivery management with the best feature for your every possible needs.

On-Demand Availability

For heavy or light volume of orders, we got your back with our specialized vehicles and their pilots whenever you need them.

More Savings & More Margin

Not your typical delivery provider who does it with a hefty price tag and long delivery cycles. With us it’s big savings for you!

No Volume Contracts

Bongo Xpress doesn’t limit your usage of our logistics solution. You just pay per use of delivery services.

End-to-End Tracking

The best thing we have done bringing transparency in the logistics process, empowered you with real time basis visibility.

About Us

End-to-end Logistics Support with Passion & Commitment

We are making logistics services smart, affordable and reliable, amplifying business growth. For urban based e-commerce, we bring the solution to streamline hyperlocal fleet to reduce cost and ensure manpower availability with 100% serviceability. With Bongo Xpress your e-commerce business gets on-time, end-to-end forward logistics with a high delivery percentage which is customized for you at lower costs.

Contact with us to avail our tech-powered Intra/hyperlocal deliveries for retailers, enterprises and individuals offering maximum flexibility.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Leveraging the experience of e-commerce customers with simple but sophisticated technology which helps the businesses to adopt digitization at its best with automation in distribution as well.

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