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Grow Your Business With Seamless Delivery Support

Likewise, the e-commerce sector is booming these years; the majority of them are into Facebook based business and interestingly since Facebook itself is facilitating them with business catalogue features they are less concerned about website and/or mobile application for the virtual stores. Consequently, Facebook based business owners are hiring third party delivery providers or having volume based contracts even which are not stable, because most of them do not have flexible and scalable solutions for those individuals/small/medium sized F-businesses. 

Bongo Xpress has a strong focus for providing hands-on experience to F-commerce customers; we bring the smartest solutions-Digital Partnership which will add complete value with delivery management app (Bongo Xpress), web destination with API integration of our delivery solutions and flexible payments for the final customers. Whatever the size of your business  we are compassionate about creating ultimate e-commerce experience and dedicated delivery solutions which will be tailored for your and your business needs.


Free Website & Application

We create websites and mobile apps with product catalogues for free of cost to give your customer the best shopping experience.

Flexible Delivery Choices

Deliver all day without cutoffs by creating a schedule for future deliveries with multiple pickups and drop-offs options.

Seamless Cash Flows

We ensure timely COD collection and disbursement from your customers to you by using different payment gateways.

Value Added Services

Being a Digital Partner, Bongo Xpress assists you grow by providing digital promotion to reach your customers & more.

End-to-End Tracking

The best thing we have done bringing transparency in the logistics process, empowered you with real time basis visibility.

About Us

Let Your Passion Fly

Running business through Facebook is very popular in Bangladesh and the formal term used for such businesses is called F-commerce businesses. Facebook has been a source for thousands of micro entrepreneurs to run businesses from the comfort of their homes. An entrepreneur starts his/her F-commerce mainly out of passion. In recent times, because of COVID19 pandemic many people might have lost their job and consequently passion oriented business has become the only way of living for thousands. The way Facebook-based commerce is sprouting all over the country, this sector lacks in providing proper logistics support for neighbourhood ventured hyperlocal home deliveries. 

With Bongo Xpress, you can get F-commerce centric solutions with flexible terms, user-friendly tech empowered delivery system and timely disbursement of cash flows. With us you actually can grow.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Leveraging the experience of e-commerce customers with simple but sophisticated technology which helps the businesses to adopt digitization at its best with automation in distribution as well.

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