Easing Food Delivery For Restaurants

Unparallel food ordering experience and hyperlocal delivery solutions.

Best in Class Hyperlocal Delivery Service

We  understand the power of neighbouring restaurants or food businesses lies in their ability to reach their customers within the best possible time; in other ways we name it as hyperlocal delivery service (2PL). Bongo Xpress helps you serve your customers better through reliable & robust logistics that are fine-tuned to the unique demands of this industry. We don’t just empower you with the best tech-empowered logistics platform, we also have groomed and trained over 3k fleet specially for the food and restaurant businesses. Through cross-utilisation, speed & superior technology, we can now successfully deliver every order within <30 mins, on average which will make your customers highly satisfied. Your customers can rate your food and delivery service through our solutions. 

Our sophisticated digital solutions will embed your food/restaurant business with unique self-branding and easy operation by creating order management dashboard, virtual assistance, dedicated support team, tailored customer management, digital billing and what not! 

We suggested customized digital solutions are white labeled as per your brand requirements. 

Now your the consumers of your foods will be turning into loyal recurring customers, will find your restaurant online, will place their order directly to you, our delivery pilots will be automatically assigned to pick up the foods from you and will deliver them to your customer’s doorstep and you get the feedback directly from your customers.


Direct Reach and Branding

Creating a website and mobile app for you so that you can have your own system and avoid third parties to reach your customers.

Dedicated Fleet for Deliveries

Deliver all day without cutoffs as we have skilled and well-groomed pilots available at your service as per your needs.

Real-time Reconciliation & Refunds

Ensuring reverse deliveries and end-to-end fulfillment to your customers by accepting real time reconciliation and refunds on behalf of you.

Caters on Customers Demand

Expand your business and provide customized deliveries for any special occasion at any volume of catering, we got your back!

Free API Integration

Empowering you with real time visibility and easy inventory management through smooth API integration.

About Us

Directly connecting you to your customers!

With a drastic increase in demand for delivery and takeaway services forecasted, restaurateurs must get ready to adapt to smart structural changes in today’s digital world. Besides,because of the rise in mobile ordering for food, consumers have turned to solutions that simplify their lives and help to better serve guests. Even consumers are willing to pay more for the convenience of round-the-clock delivery. 

We take you to the advantage- make your customers happy with an easy-to-use system that offers top-notch food ordering experience and on-demand delivery by partnering with us.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Leveraging the experience of e-commerce customers with simple but sophisticated technology which helps the businesses to adopt digitization at its best with automation in distribution as well.

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