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It’s been a tough year because of COVID19 pandemic and hence to reduce spreading it we have fallen a part in the act of social distancing. But the urge of commitment we feel helps make the world a better connected place. We have started to serve you as your personal delivery provider; with our thousands of trained local pilots we deliver your parcel and/or packages to your neighbouring friends and family members. Now it’s an easy choice to connect with people you value with no-contact delivery solution that allows people to send items whether it’s a care package for a loved one, a gift for a friend’s birthday, an item you sold online or an important business document. 

Prepare your package, make sure it’s not more than 5kg and it doesn’t contain any prohibited goods/documents, make a parcel delivery request on Bongo Xpress app and instantaneously get a pilot assigned for this task, meet him/her at pickup place and load your package to the carrier, get started and share the trip with the receiver of the package to track together, finally the recipient will retrieve the package with a digital signature as POD. And this is how we make you feel like everything and nothing has changed even though we remain apart from our dear ones.

Your Personal Delivery Provider

With years of research on the metro logistics system for parcel delivery service, we understand the challenges and sufferings people have to send important parcels/packages to their dear ones. Living in a congested city like Dhaka and having a busy life make it wasting valuable time in traffic and hassles in bad weather just to reach others for a parcel delivery. We understand city people need smart solutions with a reliable parcel delivery provider.  Bongo Xpress hereby comes with the most secured and user friendly parcel delivery services to make your life more connected with others in a hassle free way. 

Our parcel delivery service will facilitate Dhaka’s residents to send and receive parcels from each other within city limits amid the Covid-19 pandemic. You can send anything such as gifts, important documents, packages, accessories, and even electronic accessories. All packages should be transportable on a two wheeler vehicle, be under 20 kilograms in weight, securely sealed and not include prohibited items such as alcohol, recreational drugs, or dangerous and illegal items.

“People want what they want when they want it” – it explains our motto for parcel delivery service.”

How It Works?

We share a passion for great service, leveraged by the use of our in house systems to monitor each aspect of your parcel journey with our pilots to ensure a reliable and on time delivery seven days a week, enabling our expanding delivery with a sophisticated technology which has the best user interface to assist more people every day and to make their life easy. Use our customer app to acquire this service where you just add pickup and drop-off details, get a pilot assigned for your task immediately. You will be able to continue monitoring the task’s progress prior to pickup, en route, and at the dropoff. You can also share the delivery status with the recipient of the package. This is how we help you send and receive essential items to your friends and family without having to step out of your home. Our parcel delivery solutions also empowers you with instant payout of COD if you need us for your business, we also have an advance-payment facility to exceleterate the growth of small business.

With Bongo Xpress, you can get your item in the quickest time because your emergencies are our biggest concern! We are currently available in Dhaka Metropolitan Area. We are constantly expanding to more places! Our parcel delivery service will cover more places soon. Currently we deliver and pick parcels by bicycle, motorbike and pickup vans based on the size and volume of parcels.

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We are present right where you need us. Reach us anyway! Our support team will be happy to know more about your queries, complaints or suggestions for parcel delivery services.


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Don't hesitate to email us!

You can directly reach our support team at 09613-600700; you can also reach us from Bongo Xpress app via “Chat”.

Download Bongo Xpress app from Play Store/App Store, create a customer account by signing up, select “Parcel Delivery Service”. Then you have to select your pickup and drop-off locations, fill in detailed information about the receiver of the item, add any special instruction for the pilot if any. You can review information before you request for a delivery pickup, after which we find the nearest pilot around you and he/she will be assigned for the task within seconds.

There are four stages in tracking your delivery which will be shown directly from map view. After the pilot accepts your request, your phone screen will show “Assigned”, the delivery status will change into “In-Transit” the moment the pilot starts the request. When the pilot has successfully delivered your parcel it will change into “Delivered”. As proof of delivery the pilot will get you the signature of the receiver and maybe a picture. And all throughout, your phone screen will show a phone icon and a SMS icon to call or text the pilot. Throughout the whole process you can see the location of the pilot on a real-time basis.

We prefer cashless transactions to reduce the threat of COVID19. You can also pay cash after delivery or pay instant online or through mobile banking during the book. Even you can also select who (sender or receiver) will pay if it is COD.

The Cheapest Parcel Delivery!

  • Distance
  • Parcel’s Weight
  • Drop Off Time
  • Terms

Bongo Priority:

>> distance 0 – 10km radius (from any location)

>> Price starts from BDT 130

Bongo Connect:

>> distance beyond 10km radius (from any location)

>> Price starts from BDT 160

>> The weight of the package will be not more than 5 kg

>> For each additional kg BDT 50 will be added with the base fare if the distance is within 10km radius, and BDT 60 if the distance is more than 10km radius.

>> For same day delivery: 9am-2pm

>> For next day delivery: 2:30pm-6:30pm

>> The pricing logic is applicable for anywhere around Bangladesh

>> Parcel Dimension: 12"X12"X12"

>> For 0-2kg the base fare will be BDT 130 for Bongo Priority and BDT 160 for Bongo Connect

>> For 3-5kg the base fare will be BDT200 for Bongo Priority and BDT 250 for Bongo Connect

>> For electronics goods, accessories or gadget such as mobile, laptop power bank etc. the charge will be BDT 500

>> This price plan is exclusive of any VAT/TAX.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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