Warehouse Pickup & Delivery

Let us be your reliable logistics partner for last-mile delivery with sophisticated technology

Numbers Speak For Themselves

Speed up warehouse logistics with an on-the-way fleet

We understand that to help make the logistics ecosystem automated and more efficient for the e-commerce industry you need partnership with smart last-mile logistics providers like us. We strive to offer smooth and hassle-free delivery to your customers doorsteps. We have flexible options as part of our logistics solutions for you. You can use our partner app for assigning the task of pickuping goods from your warehouse to deliver them to your customer. Another smart solution we provide you to take our integrated logistics support by API integration with your order management system. API integration with your order management system will enable you to reform your warehouse into a tech-enabled smart one which will streamline your inventory management with a dedicated dashboard. 

Our smart solution will make the process hassle-free- your customer’s order will be automatically assigned to our pilots, the pilots will pick up the products from your warehouse and deliver them to the customer’s place. You can also assign one pilot into multiple assignments at a single trip- the pilot will pick up products from multiple warehouses and also deliver them to multiple destinations with our sophisticated mobile application. We promise you not to lose the tracks of your products with real-time tracking features available at our application.

Easy Delivery Management App

Bongo Xpress- an unmatched mobile application for delivery management with the best feature for your every possible needs.

On-Demand Availability

For heavy or light volume of orders, we got your back with our specialized vehicles and their pilots whenever you need them.

More Savings & More Margin

Not your typical delivery provider who does it with a hefty price tag and long delivery cycles. With us it’s big savings for you!

No Volume Contracts

Bongo Xpress doesn’t limit your usage of our logistics solution. You just pay per use of delivery services.

End-to-End Tracking

The best thing we have done bringing transparency in the logistics process, empowered you with real time basis visibility.

About Us

Dedicated Logistics for the Warehouses

Most of the recent e-commerce businesses use third party assistance for warehousing. In such situations the logistics company has to pick up products from multiple places and it is difficult to trace the product for the inventory management. 

With our solution you can make it smooth with multiple pickups and drop-offs options. We have also created other interfaces for easy and automated inventory management.

Smartest logistics solutions are now just one-click away!

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Leveraging the experience of e-commerce customers with simple but sophisticated technology which helps the businesses to adopt digitization at its best with automation in distribution as well.

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